Tips for finding the best deals on CBD gummies

CBD gummies are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to their convenience, taste, and calming effects. The market is swamped with hundreds of brands and thousands of products, making it tricky to figure out where you find the best value. Scanning prices per bottle doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, compare the cost per milligram (mg) of CBD to accurately determine the best deals. Do a little math to calculate the price per mg – it’s the best way to apples-to-apples different gummies across brands. Larger batched orders often come bundled with generous discounts. Maybe a single pack costs $40, but order 3 packs and the unit price drops to $30 each. Stocking up equals instant savings. Just make sure you use all the gummies before they expire.

Check loyalty and rewards programs

Create an account, leave reviews for products you love, follow and engage with your favorite brands on social media, and come out ahead. Building relationships with CBD companies pays off over time with surprise promos, personalized discounts, flash sales, and other incentives for loyal existing customers.

Refer friends, family & followers  

Do you know those 20% off friend referral codes? Time to rack them up and share the wealth around. Refer groups in your network and redeem savings. Some brands even offer affiliate programs with tiered commission structures. Each time someone you refer makes a purchase, you profit with cash back or free products.

Student and disability discounts add up

Don’t be shy about inquiring about discounts every chance you get including for seniors, veterans, students, teachers, healthcare workers, and those with disabilities. Having valid ID credentials broadens your access to additional exclusive offers from compassion programs and advocacy initiatives. Many cbd gummies brands have insider communities or loyalty programs that offer special access to deals, discounts, and promotions. By joining these communities, you stay updated on exclusive offers and potentially save a significant amount of money on your CBD gummy purchases.

Buy direct from manufacturers 

Purchasing directly from brand websites or wholesale distributors cuts out the retail middleman markups. This brings prices down quite drastically up to 25% less than buying via 3rd parties. Brand storefront sites also give more control over customizing combo packs with your desired strengths, flavors, and quantity. Devoted brand followers joyfully share the latest hookups and coupon codes. Consider this your insider ticket to serious savings. 

Keep your eyes peeled for coupons and code stacks 

Between email newsletters, social promotions, and printed adverts deals are everywhere. Particularly around special occasions and holidays when brands run deep markdowns and clearance sales. Stack additional coupons on top of existing sales for additive markdowns that maximize value. When shopping online, look for value bundle packs offering multiple bottles or high-count jars at bulk pricing. It’s a cinch to stock up and save simultaneously. Transform the harvest into homemade edibles almost free of charge. A few tips to remember are comparing MG-for-MG pricing, joining insider communities for special access deals, and purchasing bulk value bundles. Get out there, get hunting for offers, and enjoy the sweet savings ahead.